Stormwater Management involves collection, conveyance, water quality treatment, and flow control of rain water and snowmelt, to protect streams, lakes, wetlands, and marine waters from pollution, erosion, flooding, and other impacts that can result from the built environment.

Bakerview Square

Bakerview Square - Stormwater


Bakerview Square is a commercial site on 9.5 acres located in the City of Bellingham. The site contains approximately 104,000 square feet of commercial retail buildings. The storm water is treated in low impact development plant filters and engineered wetland cells, and stored underground in concrete vaults within the parking area. APC prepared the full site civil design for access, grading, utilities, street frontage improvements, and parking as well as the stormwater management system.

Bellwether Peninsula



APC completed the Bellwether Preliminary Comprehensive Stormwater Drainage Plan for the new building expansion on the Squalicum Peninsula, including Bellwether Hotel, Anthony’s Restaurant, Marina, Bellwether Buildings 2 and 3, and future development sites. Our firm designed and constructed new and innovative use of stormwater filter systems for retrofits and expanded water quality infiltration systems. This work was instrumental in meeting or exceeding all requirements in stormwater quality control and natural resources protection.

Hannah Creek

Hannah Creek East & West


APC designed and coordinated construction of a 16 foot diameter open bottom arch culvert and a 72-inch diameter partially-buried circular culvert, designed as fish friendly roadway crossings meeting WDFW standards for stream preservation and enhancement, fish passage, avoiding disturbance to the stream bed and promoting fish habitat. The project also includes multiple stormwater detention ponds for water quality and flow control mitigation, with two low-impact outfalls to the streams.

Rain Garden Design and Low Impact Development

Rain Garden Design


APC has designed numerous innovative and effective low-impact development stormwater management systems to meet our clients’ project goals and comply with environmental regulations, incorporating bioswales, rock pocket storage and infiltration, rain gardens/bioretention, bioswale, and stormwater treatment wetland  technology.  These systems have provided cost-effective performance and reliability for both large and small-scale residential, institutional, and commercial/industrial sites.  We use a combination of up to date computer modeling and analysis methodologies to meet the latest performance requirements, with a focus on designing creative, common-sense solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

WWU South Campus Drainage Restoration

South Campus Drainage


APC worked with Western Washington University to rehabilitate the water quality treatment system for the entire 115-acre south campus drainage system. The project included substantial improvements to make the system easier to maintain and add sediment removal features to the treatment train, including an underground detention vault, energy dissipating flow splitter, wet bioswales, and subsurface flow wetlands.