Water & Pump Systems

APC has extensive experience with planning, design and operations for large and small, private and public water systems in Northwest Washington, for over 30 years. We have conducted long-term planning water rights acquisition and amendment, water use efficiency studies, water use and physical capacity determination, hydraulic models and fire flow analysis, along with preparation of water system plans, design studies, and detailed construction plans for state and local agency approval.

Blakely Island

Blakeley Island Water System and Armitage Island Underwater Utility Extension


APC designed the WSDOH Group-A water system on the south end of Blakely Island to provide drinking water for 72 single-family lots. The system uses surface water from a local lake and treats the water for storage and system distribution. APC also designed and managed the construction of a 1500-foot underwater utility extension to Armitage Island to provide power, sewer and water service to the island. APC secured all the local, state and federal permits.

Fairhaven Marine Industrial Park


The Port of Bellingham hired APC to design and prepare construction plans for replacing fire and domestic water supply lines that were installed in the 50’s and 80’s to provide services to the industrial park. The area is about 15 acres and has 8 buildings that house marine related businesses; boats, fishing gear, a marine glove distributor and others. The Uni-Flite Company was formerly located at this site and did experience a fire that caused serious damage. APC prepared a contaminated material management plan in the event that the excavated material needed to be sent to a specially licensed facility. The work involved 12″ and 10″ DI pipe with backflow protection and pressure reduction since there is relatively extreme high pressures at that location.

Gate 3 Fire Main Extension

Gate 3


APC designed a fire system supply line to comply with the Bellingham Fire Ordinance requiring covered moorage facilities (100,000 square feet, 1200 feet from shoreline) to install automatic fire sprinkler systems. The feasibility study resulted in a looped system concept, utilizing the existing 6″ diameter dry system and adding a new submerged 8″ diameter supply line. The new fire system needs to provide 2375 gpm total fire flow. The system also employed enclosed valve stations mounted on the dock as well as a sophisticated fire alarm component.

Sandy Point Improvement Company

Sandy Point Improvement Company


APC’s work for Sandy Point has included: management of efforts¬†to complete an aquifer vulnerability and capacity study for a new production well pumping at 300 gpm, obtaining a water right transfer, new storage of 200,000 gallons installed, electronic SCADA and control system designed and installed, back up generation, hydraulic modeling, and treatment. APC completed the Water System Plans in 2005 and 2011 which gained approval from Washington State DOH. System size: 1200 connections.

Shannon Point Seawater Pumping Station

shannon point


APC provided design and construction engineering management for upgrades to the facility’s seawater pumping system, which provides continuous flow of seawater through live animal holding tanks and tables used for student and faculty research. The last phase of the seawater pumping system included design of in-water intake pipelines extending 500 feet offshore. APC’s work at Shannon Point has increased the 24/7 seawater flow to the education facility up to 250 gallons per minute, and eliminated a redundant pumping station, thereby reducing energy dependence and ongoing maintenance.

WWU Environmental Science Fire Flow and Domestic Water Supply

WWU Environmental Science Fire Flow and Domestic Water Supply


APC provided design and construction engineering management for an upgrade for the seven-story Environmental Science Building at WWU’s main campus in Bellingham. This existing fire and domestic system were intertwined and did not meet the current NFPA 20 code standards. The project¬†included full replacement with a potable water pumping system, and new fire supply and pump equipment.