Civil Engineers – Project Planning and Management – Land Use

Example Projects

Morse Square and Maple Street Apartments

This multi-phase project involved redevelopment of a former commercial/industrial site in the heart of Bellingham’s downtown. The overall site includes six residential buildings, and 2 mixed use commercial and residential buildings on State Street, East Maple Street, East Laurel Street and the Railroad Avenue pedestrian open space corridor. APC completed the civil engineering for the full project, including street frontage and parking improvements, stormwater management with filtration and detention, a water main extension for fire flow, utilities, and structured parking grades. 

Port of BellinghamGate 3 Fire Main Extension

The Port of Bellingham hired APC to design a fire system supply line to comply with the Bellingham Fire Ordinance requiring future covered moorage facilities (100,000 square feet, 1,200 feet from the shoreline) to install automatic fire sprinkler systems. The feasibility study resulted in a looped system concept utilizing the existing 6” diameter dry system, and adding a new submerged 8” diameter supply line. The new fire system needs to provide 2375 gpm. The system also employed enclosed valve stations mounted on the dock as well as a sophisticated fire alarm component.

Bakerview Square

Bakerview Square is a commercial site on 9.5 acres located in the City of Bellingham. The shite contains approximately 104,000 square feet of commercial retail buildings. The storm water is treated in low impact development plant filters and engineered wetland cells, and stored underground in concrete vaults within the parking area. APC prepared the full site civil design for access, grading, utilities, street frontage improvements, and parking in addition to the stormwater management system.

Whatcom County Fire District 7, Station 1Ferndale, WA

APC worked with an architect, and WCFD #7 on the full renovation of Fire Station 1 on Washington Street. This project involved full civil engineering plans for a reconstructed parking lot, street frontage, ADA access improvements, improved grading and paving for equipment access, stormwater collection, and water quality facilities meeting the City of Ferndale’s standards. This was a redevelopment site in an established neighborhood.

Western Washington University

APC worked with Western Washington University to rehabilitate the water quality treatment system for the entire 115-acre south campus drainage system. The project included substantial improvements to make the system easier to maintain and add sediment removal features to the treatment train including an underground detention vault, energy dissipating flow splitter, wet bioswales, and subsurface flow wetlands.